Who We Are

STEAMLabs Africa is a registered social enterprise that seeks to empower the African students, educators and community through STEAM Education. Our mandate is Inspire, Inform and Empower. Working with students aged 4-18, we seek to ignite young minds, sparking creativity, curiosity and passion.

Our rigorous 21st Century curriculum focuses on three major goals; Identifying the problem, using the human centered approach to problem solving and using 21st century technologies as a means to develop solutions. 

We work with students, educators, schools, universities and communities to empower them to harness the power of technology and ignite their creative potential. 

Partnering with professionals, industry experts and organizations enables us to reimagine education in the world of technology in the African Context. This encourages students and educators to see the African Challenges as opportunities that need our action.

As a champion for Computer Science Education in Africa, we develop content,  train and facilitate courses, build and support communities that encourage the uptake of Computer Science from an early age. 

We see STEAM Education as the chief cornerstone to African challenges. This is made possible through exposure to pathways such as Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering concepts, Sustainable Development Goals, and an understanding of the world(Global Citizenship) from an early age.