Clouds Home Schools

STEAMLabs Clouds Home School is about the whole child. 

We believe that every learner learns differently, at different rates and in different ways, but every learner has the same capacity for learning.

No one’s brain is more or less capable of learning and understanding than another person’s. Making an effort is the only thing that is required to learn in any subject.

The focus is on the core subjects such as Mathematics(Numeracy), English(Literacy),Science, Swahili among others.

At Clouds, we understand that a parent’s decision to homeschool could be for many reasons. 

We therefore in consultation with the parents, provide personalised sessions to the students and walk with them in their learning journeys.

We adopt the Competence-Based Approach, the Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS), the Cambridge International Curriculum and  Montessori approach in our teaching, learning and assessment.

Our teachers understand the core ethos in 21st Century Home Schooling and prepare children for the future of life and work.