What do you want to do when you grow up?

Go on, take a minute and think about it. 

Is it something that makes you happy? Something that excites you?

Well, what are you learning to get you to that point? Yes, learning about Math, Science and English are important, but what skills are you building? ICT Skills? What about self-sufficiency – the ability to take care and manage yourself)? Problem Solving? Communication? Teamwork?

Developing these skills is important because we don’t know what jobs will exist in 20 years, because the world is constantly changing! 20 years ago, connecting to the internet meant you couldn’t use the phone at the same time. It meant having to watch an episode of your favourite show live, otherwise, you may have missed it. Now, we’ve got Netflix and Wireless Internet!

Who know’s what we’ll have in 20 years from now? Although I do hope for holograms and commercially viable trips to the moon!

What does matter, what will always matter, is who you want to become. Because that person will live in the changing present, and shape an exciting future.

In the future, who you want to be may become more important than what you want to do. There are a million doctors, lawyers and teachers, but only one you! This is not to say that you should drop out of school, but that school, or your education in general, should be preparing you, as a person, for the future not just your brain (i.e. your intelligence).

So let me ask a different question; who do you want to be when you grow up? What kind of life do you want to live? What kind of problems do you want to solve? In this life are you happy and healthy?

Take another minute, and think about this. Answering these question are harder, right? 

Because we’ve been taught to think about the future, in terms of work rather than in terms of life. 

At STEAMLabs, we believe in preparing you, not just for work, but for life too. A life coloured by a passion for learning and a drive to positively contribute to your communities. That preparation means preparing you for a future, we can’t even imagine. But YOU CAN!  

You are the future, therefore how you imagine your life and how you prepare for that life will shape not only your future, but the future.

In addition to the ICT literacy you will need, studies have shown that the future demands working with, and learning from, different kinds of people; people with different perspectives than you and different life experiences. It also demands knowing how to manage yourself and knowing how to relate with, and work for the benefit of, your community (family, friends, neighbours, classmates and other citizens). In the future, the problems you will have to solve (like alleviating poverty or promoting gender equity) will not have easy solutions, so you will, also, need to know how to think creatively and critically. These skills are important in, not only, securing a job, but in living a happy and healthy life. 

So, do you have the skills to thrive in the 21st Century?  How are you developing these skills? We can help you develop these skills, as you develop coding and programming skills as well (two for the price of one!)