Our Vision and Mission


Tapping the African Creative Potential to harness the power of STEAM Education and Technology in Education.


We inspire action, inform through training and empower the African booming population to act on the African Challenges through STEAM Education and technology in Education.


INSPIRE: INFORM: EMPOWER- Igniting young minds, sparking creativity and passion.

Core Values


Respect others. Support others to become better versions of themselves. Leverage strength skills and varied worldview.


Discover, innovate and learn with a voracious mind. Maintain a sense of wonder in our world. Encourage others to think, engage and come up with their own ideas (originality). Encourage risk taking.


Be accountable. Do what you say you do, do the right thing. Let your values inform your decisions. Honor yourself and your personal potential by challenging yourself to do the best. Know our boundaries.


Bringing the heart together with your mind. Seek to understand your societal challenges and develop (Innovate) solutions.


Embrace a growth mindset. See obstacles and challenges as opportunities; struggle and failure as part of learning. Fail early, fail often but fail forward.