STEAMLabs Schools and Clubs

School After-School clubs play a vital role in empowering students to develop global competencies as an extension program. STEAM Education opens doors for project based activities during club sessions.

At STEAMLabs, we provide two innovative clubs that your school may need to sign up for.

  • Young Innovators club.

This club targets preparatory or primary schools  for children aged 6-12. 

It introduces students to the world of coding through fun, interactive, and age-appropriate learning activities using various STEAM platforms.

Sign up your school via the link below for more information.

  • STEAMLabs Hack-Club

This club targets students in Middle School and High School for students aged 12-18.

It seeks to inspire creativity through hands-on, hearts-on and minds-on STEAM sessions that see the students crack-hack challenges presented to them. They explore real world problems, providing solutions using 21st Century technologies.

They explore the SDGs, Design thinking and create solutions using code, design and other tinkering tools.