Student Engagement

STEAMLabs Africa exposes learners to technology with a core ethos of re-igniting creative potential and igniting young minds.

With hands-on experience, guided tutorials and the use of modern educational tools, learners are able to explore their own interests through STEAM education and gain pertinent skills and knowledge that better prepare them for current and future careers.

Our approach to learning emphasizes engaging, developing and nurturing learners’ interest, strengths and confidence through active and experiential learning. 

Design Thinking process, a Human centred Approach, is adopted as a project guide where the learners are encouraged to go through the five steps and iterate until they get the best solution for the problem at hand. We fail early, fail often and fail forward!

At STEAMLabs Student Engagement, we offer Online STEAM Courses, In-person sessions and Home School Services for both Core Subjects and STEAM courses.

Here is a catalogue of our students’ courses(Contact Peter.)