Why SteamLabs

Today’s world is drastically changing and there is a need to develop individuals not just for the future of work but also the future of life. The life skills required to live in this century include; resilience, problem solving, collaboration, grit, growth mindset and a good work ethic among others.

School systems, governments, religious organizations and other society leaders are doing their best to empower our generation to succeed in today’s and future life.

This is not without a spot or challenge.

Specifically in education, many school systems grapple with the idea of building future ready digital citizens that will globally act on the needs of the world. Researchers have shown that this required intentional programming of curricula and training offered in schools from an early age..

Time and a clear plan is of essence!

We approached this matter with an interdisciplinary approach. STEAMLabs takes an integrated approach to learning and teaching, which requires an intentional connection between curriculum learning objectives, standards, assessments, lesson design/implementation and 21st Century Learning Skills. It’s learning applies meaningful Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Arts and technology content to solve real-world problems through hands-on learning activities and creative design. The approach is guided by the 17 UN sustainable development goals.                         

We are disrupting teaching, learning and assessment with a futuristic mindset through STEAM Education!